I’ve been spotting a few people over on instagram taking part in a 100 Day Project, and I thought what a great idea to help develop new work. I wanted to focus on something, and thought this would be a good way to keep motivated – I have decided to develop new surface designs and repeat patterns regularly which will also help me practice using Adobe Illustrator (I don’t know about you, but I quickly forget computer software packages unless I need to use them for something specific).

I’ve done long projects like this before, where you commit to regular creating, (if you want to see my last one – you can find it over on my old blog here. Last time, I did a 365 print project, creating a print a day for a year, and I absolutely loved it. And now I am now using my 365 archive of prints to help inspire some of these ideas for digital design.

I have decided recently to up my skills using Illustrator. I do know how to use it a bit already, but I have always resisted digital design a little. I think mainly because after working in offices for 10 years and staring at computer screens I was so excited not to have to use one when I went back to Art school that I’ve done as little screen work as I can get away with ever since. But if David Hockney can get to grips with digital drawing then there is hope for me too, I reckon.

Anyway, I am now embracing the joys of digital design, especially as it means I can play more with colour and pattern. I’ve invested in an Adobe book all about how to use Illustrator and been googling how to do other bits and pieces and am pleased to say I now understand how to create repeat patterns.

I’ve put a few of my initial designs below, I’m not sure where they are headed yet, possibly onto stationery, or gift wrap, I’ve even had suggestions of using them on wall paper, I wonder which room you would put them in. Anyway I’d love to know what you think of them. I’ll be back soon with more progress. Ooo and if you are doing a 100 Day Project – tell me what you are planning on focusing on.

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