This year seems to be all about either developing new skills or returning to old ones. Its been a while since I created some textile based products, but I thought it could be fun to do a few limited edition tea towels for a bit of a change.

I’ve got two designs, both in black and red on 100% white cotton backgrounds. I’ve decided to only do 10 of each design, as every one is hand screen printed and then hemmed by me in the studio here in Leek. The screens for these are extra big and its seems apt that the designs are on their tippy toes as I was only just tall enough to screen print them. You can see a video here of the process of me making them if you want a behind the scenes view. The video shows the first test print I did, a bit of refinement since then, but shows you some of the steps that it takes. I love screen printing and its always so much fun lifting the screen to see the results.

The designs are based on my stackable wooden characters Miss Up Do and Dotty Bob Girl, and I think they would even look good in a picture frame if you didn’t want to use them as tea towels.

Each tea towel will also be posted in a matching hand screen printed box, which you can see in the image above. Hoping that you love them as much as I have enjoyed designing them. They are a labour of love to make, but worth the effort I think.

I may create more designs for Limited Edition Tea Towels in the future, but only if there is demand for them. Its always nerve wracking sending out a new product into the world, but nothing ventured as they say! If you like my Dotty Bob and Miss Up Do illustrations, they are also available as my wooden wall plaques which you can find in my online shop here

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