I’ve been busy for the past couple of weeks filming my next course – my monoprinting online art class is now ready. It’s a printmaking technique I really enjoy as it is fast-paced and it has that same reveal that screen printing does, except instead of lifting the screen – you peel back the paper instead to discover the results.

Monoprinting means that you create one print – each one is unique and it has been used by all sorts of different artists over the years including Degas and Paul Klee. Monoprints are created by pressing ink that has been rolled out or painted onto an acrylic sheet onto paper.

In my monopriniting online art class I take you through all the equipment you need and start with some easy mark-making to get used to the inks and rolling out even layers on your printing plate to get good results.

It’s a lovely technique that allows for detailed illustrative type drawings or more painterly textural ones. I have been teaching this method at my studio over the last few years and the students have created some fantastic results too.

My online courses are self-paced and you have access to them for the life of the course (I’ve no intention of ending the courses, but I guess one day I may get too old to manage online course platforms, so that’s what it means when I say for the life of the course).

Each technique is separated into different video demonstrations with no annoying music and broken down into simple steps.

In the course I use things like fruit and vegetables or books with photos to draw from, I like it to be accessible and easy to get started. You could draw anything that you feel like, so you can work from objects or imagery that excites you or that is already part of a project you are working on. You don’t need loads of equipment, just some inks, a roller, and an acrylic sheet as well as some papers, drawing tools, and a few paint brushes – no need for a print press either, so it’s super easy to do at home.

You can get some great effects with monoprinting so if you are looking for ways to develop your drawings or artwork it creates very varied results depending on how you use it. I work a lot with stencils too which give you. a bit more control over the process.

The images and video below show you a bit more of what is included in the monoprinting online art class and my past students have given some really lovely feedback for my online courses. You can see this on the link to my online course and on my website.

Watch my video which shows you a bit more of what you can expect from my online monoprinting course

If you are looking for more help with tips on creativity then you might like my post on drawing techniques and you can find it here.

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