I love using monoprinting and collage in my sketchbook pages because they are such colourful and versatile techniques that can be used to develop my artwork ideas.

Monoprinting is such a great way to create one-of-a-kind prints by inking the surface and then transferring the ink to papers. I can layer up the colours and create abstract patterns or motifs, shapes, line and texture. Collage, as some of you may already know is one of my go to processes as it enables me to play with composition and colour combinations easily.

If you want to try these techniques then I have a few tips for you.

* try experimenting with different inks and papers to create unique prints.

* Use collage to combine different colours and shapes. Overlap them, change their position on the page to create interesting compositions.

* Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The beauty of monoprinting and collage is that you can always create something new. If you don’t like it – you can print over it.

You can see some of my developing sketchbook pages below

Monoprinting and collage are really such versatile techniques,  that you can use to create a variety of sketchbook pages. I think it’s worth experimenting with them to find new ways to express yourself creatively, you never know what you might produce. I’d love to see your sketchbook experiments which you can share with me by tagging me @fionawilsonprints on Instagram. If you want to learn monoprinting skills, or how to make printed patterned collage papers – then head over to my online art school here to find out more.

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